4 Clues To Find Your Passion

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Sometimes we get stuck along the journey toward our individual versions of success. We may see other women prospering around us as they actively engage in activities and careers that they enjoy and thrive in. How can you find your passion? My Savvy Sisters offers 4 distinct clues.

What do you do for pleasure?

It’s a well known fact that every successful person finds pleasure in their work. Ask yourself, “What do I do for fun? What is it that I’d be willing to do for free if I ever won a billion dollars?”

What do you obsess over?

What do you enjoy studying or engaging in that has become an obsession? Your friends always know that when it comes to this topic, you are the expert. It could be anything. Whatever it is that you obsess over could lead to your financial freedom because in order to become successful at anything, you have to be obsessed with your work.

What did you pretend to be when you were a child?

Child’s play is a great clue to know what it is that you were destined to do. When you were a child you didn’t worry about mortgages or bills or promotions, you lived out your greatest fantasies from the comfort of your bedroom. Those days of play are significant to your future. They were your inner guidance showing you what you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life.

Who do you watch and think to yourself, “I can do that much better.”

There is no competition in life. Everyone can have their fair share of success, but sometimes we find the clues to our passion when we see someone else doing something and we think we could do it better. Who have you noticed doing something you are interested in? Do you ever say to yourself, “I can do that.” You CAN do that. That is your clue. That is definitely an area you should try out. Even if you can’t do it better immediately, if you study long enough you will become great.

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