Where Is My Success?

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You may be frustrated right now. You’ve been on your grind for years and you still haven’t reaped the harvest of all of the seeds you’ve sown.

You’ve cried, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve stood firm, you’ve believed yet, you still seem to be spinning your wheels. You’re a good person. You know it. You have helped others and invested in your own success for so long.

“Where is my success?” you ask. “How much longer will I continue to toil?”

You can’t reap the harvest in the same season that you plant it, my darling. Your version of success takes time if you want to hold on to it. Many one-hit wonders have stumbled onto success but couldn’t sustain it because they were not prepared for their luck. Right now you are building your creative and intellectual muscles. You’re gaining the strength you need to stand tall and win.

Do not believe for a moment that your success is being withheld from you. In fact, you are successful because you haven’t given up on your dream.

Along your way to your success there are several tools that you need to pick up in order to build. Yes, you may have to take jobs you don’t like in order to survive but in those cases, each position offered to you is a training ground for you to soak in vast amounts of knowledge. What are they doing correctly? What are they not doing correctly?

Pay attention. Walk around. Listen. These are the tools and lessons you need to set a firm foundation for your dream.

When it is time for you to move on to your next training ground something will happen to push you there. You may become disheartened by the work you do or you may get fired. It could be something as simple as, you begin to yearn for more so you seek another opportunity and it is handed to you.

Do not be caught up in frustration simply because you are not where you thought you should be. Your expectations for your future do not compare to what is in store for you if you keep plugging away and listening and responding to your intuition.

You are being guided. Stop trying to flip to the end of the book. Go slowly through each page and relish the story as it unfolds. You’re okay. Your success is imminent.

Collect your tools and set yourself up for a firm foundation and one day, one glorious day, you will find yourself in the midst of a beautiful transformation right into the heart of your most treasured dream.

I promise.

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