Te-Erika’s Diary: Absolutely No Pressure

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So I’m sitting here trying to whip up some emotions about the fact that I haven’t met my goals yet. I can’t. I just can’t do that anymore. And THAT has made all the difference in my life satisfaction level.

I’m over it!

I’m over feeling like I need to see results from my work or I’m worthless.

I’m over needing anyone to notice me, my writing, my Youtube channel or my blog.

I’m over analyzing why I don’t connect with people.

I’m over feeling the pressure of why I don’t look young anymore.

I’m over wanting to change the world.

I’m over needing to make an impact on a large scale.

I’m over wondering how what I say will make people FEEL.

I’m over fantasizing about being loved, admired and protected by anyone but myself.

I’m over being afraid that none of my dreams will come true.

Fuck all of that.


No pressures. Just enjoy my life everyday and if I happen to fail- oh well. If I happen to stumble across a formula that brings me success financially then great.

I’ll die any time. I can’t keep living my life as though I am on the VERGE of something that I can’t quite reach.

I’m there already.


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