The Fisherman’s Choice

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There once was a fisherman who lived in a small fishing village with his family. Everyday he would wake up early and go out in his small fishing boat to catch fish for his family to eat for the day. He then went back in the early afternoon to spend the rest of his day with his family.

Everyday he repeated this routine until one day he was interrupted by an enterprising young man. This young man had seen him climb into his little boat in the morning and row back to shore each afternoon. On this day, the young man stopped him as he gathered his gear and tied up his boat.

“Sir,” he said. “Do you have a moment? I have an idea for you.”

The fisherman stopped, adjusted his packages and sat down on a crate near his boat.

“Sir,” the young man continued. “I know how you can make your life better.”

“How’s that?” the fisherman asked.

“Well, if you want to do better by your family, instead of coming out here by dawn, you could arrive just a little earlier and stay just a couple hours later. If you do this everyday you can triple the amount of fish that you catch and then you can sell it down the road at the market.”

“And then what?” the fisherman asked.

“And then once you sell enough fish you can invest in a larger boat. Then you can hire some men to come with you and then you can catch even more fish,” the young man coaxed.

“And then what?” the fisherman asked.

“And then, you can make enough money selling fish that you can buy another boat. If this keeps up, you can have a fleet of boats that earn you money!” the young man explained excitedly.

“And then what?”

“And then, after a few years of running your fishing corporation and expanding it overseas you can travel and expand your territory. It should only take about 10 years to do that.”

“And then what?”

“And then, you can return here and spend time with your family comfortably,” the young man said, a huge smile on his face.

“Well,” the fisherman said as he stood up and gathered his things. “It seems as if… I do that already. No need to go through the hassle to return to where I am in life.”

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