8 Foods/Drinks That Are Destroying Your Teeth

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Most food has nutrients that allow our bodies to thrive but there are also some foods that while they may be good for the body, are absolutely toxic to our teeth due to the amount of acid and sugar they contain. After prolonged exposure to these acids and sugars, the enamel from our teeth is stripped and weakened, causing tooth decay and loss.

You can brush, floss and polish your teeth every day and it still won’t protect them from the dhangers in these 8 predators.

1. Cranberry Juice    

While fruits are typically good for you, fruit juices, with their extremely high content of added sugar are not a good match for your teeth.

2. Pickles

Pickles are made with vinegar and vinegar is acidic. It is plain to see how chomping on these bitter snacks can hurt you more than help you.

3. Gatorade

While it seems to be a good addition to any workout regimine, Gatorade is actually just as bad as having a soda. The kicker is, the acid contained in a bottle of Gatorade is more you have in the entire lining of your stomach.

4. Wine

Wine contains acids that break down your enamel and allow other food and drinks to stain your teeth.

5. Apples

Whoever said an apple a day will keep the doctor away was a liar. Apples, although shiny and appetizing, actually contain so much sugar that regular consumption could severely damage your teeth.

6. Starburst Candy

When chewy candies like Starburst get in between your teeth, the sugar acts as a detonator for your tooth’s health.

7. Popcorn

Similar to Starburst, popcorn is notorious for becoming lodged into mysterious crevices in your teeth and harboring bacteria.

8. Coke

Coca Cola is basically acid for your teeth. Not only is it high in sugar but it also strips your enamel with every contact.




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