3 Ways To Recognize Your Free Spirit

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You are already free but for some reason you don’t know it. Shake off the shackles and recognize just how free and easy your life really is.

1. You don’t have to ask anyone for anything.

You work for what you have and you don’t need to beg, borrow, steal or manipulate anyone to get what you want. If you want it, you buy it. If it pleases you, you do it. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live, love or treat yourself- and that, my sister, is priceless.

2. You enjoy your own company the most.

You don’t need a crowd to have fun. You don’t require a consensus to enjoy a night out. All you need is your ID, 20 bucks and your GPS. The rest of the night you are the star in creating your own adventure.

3. You know everything’s okay.

There is no such thing as bad news. All roads lead to a new adventure and you love it. Whether you get what you want or not or whether you win or lose, you understand that you are the authority who decides what should be labeled good or bad. You can make the best out of any situation and look good while doing it. You don’t demand that life follows your prescribed path and you are happier everyday because of it.


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