The Most Important Companion to Confidence

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You’re doing well.

You now understand how important it is to be confident in your decisions, your life choices, your relationships and your abilities. Being confident simply means that you TRUST yourself to make decisions that will benefit you. It doesn’t mean that you believe that everything will always work in your favor.

The flip side to being confident, or the best possible companion to your confidence, is the ability to be flexible in any situation.

I’m sure you’ve heard other leadership and success teachers tell you to develop an all or nothing mentality concerning your goals. While this type of attitude is a good motivator, the best successes come from those who are willing to swerve and take an alternate route when things seem to get a bit rocky.

Being flexible is the most valuable companion to confidence because once you understand that your confidence is merely rooted in your ability to trust and accept your decisions and desires, you will then understand how imperative it is to know when to step back, step down, shift left or right or stand still.

Adding flexibility to your mentality allows for fewer frustrations and broadens your options for the path you will take toward your version of success.

Be flexible when:

  1.  You apply for a position and another one is offered to you.
  2. You decide on a particular car, but a more affordable one catches your eye.
  3.  You are dating someone who has 80% of what you want.
  4. You are moving into a new era in life and you have a vision for your next step.
  5. You have hopes for your children and they seem to be going their own way.
  6. You find your desires which were once set in stone, have now shifted.
  7. You have been on a particular path, yet your life seems to be stalling a bit.


BE CONFIDENT that you will always prosper, regardless of the choice you make. BE CONFIDENT that you have the ability to handle any adversity that pops up in your path. BE CONFIDENT that you are more than capable of leading your life in the direction of your choosing.

But always BE FLEXIBLE, understanding that life’s little surprising, no matter how traumatic or unsettling they may seem at first, can and will work themselves out to become a benefit in your life.

No worries.

Walk tall today.

It’s your show. Smile and be fluid right along with life.

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