How To Kick A Drug Habit

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My Savvy Sisters don’t do drugs. Why should we? We are leaders. We understand that leaders need to keep a sober mind to influence and shape our lives and the lives of those around us. Fools and followers indulge in drug habits because they feel that they have no control over their world and they seek to escape in any way they can.

In the past, we may have been influenced by peers who taught us that getting high was the best kind of pleasure and that may have been true as we indulged in mediocre lifestyles, numb to the possibilities that surrounded us.

To kick a drug habit (or any habit that does harm to our bodies and doesn’t allow us to focus in on creating the best world around us) we should follow these simple tips:

1. Figure out other ways to cope with stress. You can try drinking a cup of tea. Teas have natural herbs and flavors that induce relaxation. The fun part will be trying different flavors and mixtures of teas to see which ones affect your body the best. Replace your bad habit with a cup of tea instead.

2. Try to find a new high. We all get high on something and those successful people can attest to that. Getting high does not have to mean running to your local dealer to get a dime bag. Finding your new high means trying new activities and figuring out which activity ignites your soul. There is something out there for you to do that makes you feel like you are soaring with the clouds. For some women it’s running or other physical activities. For others, it’s goal setting and watching as each goal is achieved. Yet for others, it’s being on the dance floor totally oblivious to those around you, sweating out all of the stress. What makes you feel so good that you feel as though you could do it FOREVER all day, everyday? That will be your new high. Become obsessive about it and get rid of that old disgusting habit.

3. Use your drug habit to benefit you. Very often drug users do not recognize how their drug habit has equipped them with skills that could benefit them in life. If you are a drug user, you have learned certain code words and drug etiquette that has allowed you to indulge without getting caught in your illegal activity. You’re smarter than most. You have a savvy nature about you. You’re quick on your feet. You think quickly to avoid danger. You can recognize a good drug bomb from a bomb that could kill you. Why not use these skills in a job like police detective or athletic coach. You could take your skills to the streets and become a master salesman. You learned something from your drug use that goes beyond relaxing in la la land. Assess those skills and see how they could work for you.

4. Find something (or someone) that means more to you than your high. We often take drugs for recreation because we feel lonely or useless or we are surrounded by other lonely and useless people. You are useful. You have a purpose. Someone needs you to be coherent to add value to their life. You have to make a decision that you have something good going for you, even if it’s your freedom. You have to decide that the life you want can not happen while you are high. You have to decide between the two and move forward maintaining the life you want instead of what you don’t want.

5. Take stock of where you are right now. What is your mental state like? Who are your friends? What are you doing for fun? How do you feel about yourself? How does this benefit you? Now, take a quantum leap into your future. Imagine what your life will be like if you continue on the same path. Do you like where you imagine you will end up? If not, take another quantum leap by imagining what your life would be like if you stopped taking the drugs right now? Do you like that image better? It’s all a decision, my sister. You can do this.

To stop taking drugs right now:

Detox: This may take a drastic measure that you have no control over like going to jail, overdosing or going to a drug treatment center. However you end up getting the drugs out of your system you should go ahead and embrace it. Once you rid yourself of the drug habit, you have to replace it with a new habit. It is not unusual for a drug addict to be an obsessive person. You can use this personality trait to your benefit. All genius’ are obsessive. All leaders are obsessed about their work. Become obsessive about something that will benefit you. There is nothing wrong with you, you just have directed your energy into the wrong direction.

You can make a change TODAY.

It is simply a decision and completely within your power.

You have all the power.

Turn your life into what you WANT.

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