You Are Not A Sinner

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Do you believe that you were born a sinner? Who taught you that? Why would they teach you such a thing?

It is very likely that the person who taught you that you are a sinner is simply repeating what was taught to them. For some reason, through the ages, people began to believe that the only way to get people to behave in a civilized manner is to try to instill fear in them of an eternal judgment in the afterlife. They are trying to scare you into obeying their rules by terrorizing you into believing that you are worthless and will be punished for all of eternity if you do not obey.

Why doesn’t this make sense?

Allow me to break it down.

What is a sinner?

Well, the word sin means to miss the mark.

Who set the mark? Apparently Jesus Christ did with his life and lifestyle. So basically if you do not live as Jesus did, treating people how he treated them you can call yourself a sinner. Others will call you a sinner too.

Why is being called a sinner such a big deal? Apparently, being called a sinner equates to being called worthless in some circles. In others, it is the beginning state of all life. You know the phrase, we are all born in sin.

They teach you that you are born into sin because they want you to believe you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Guess who has the solution? They do.

It’s the same as any modern marketing technique. Look at advertisements across the globe.

You are sweaty and you smell bad. You should be ashamed that you smell bad.

First, the ad teaches you that you have a problem. The marketer literally creates a problem for you to acknowledge. Before the marketer tells you that you have a problem, you don’t really have one. If no one told you that smelling like sweat was a BAD thing, it wouldn’t be.

You need this deodorant to solve your problem.


Then after basically creating the problem for you, the marketer offers you a solution. It just so happens that they have the solution with them and when you buy the solution it benefits them.

In this case, convincing you that you are a sinner and that you need the help of a deity so that you will not be punished and tortured forever is their product. How do they benefit from this product? Collection plates. Spiritual abuse. Loyalty to their cause.

How does this hurt you?

  • You believe for your whole life that something is wrong with you.
  • You feel that you have to wait for instruction and approval by those who claim they have a higher connection with God.
  • You live in fear of eternal judgment, your actions not fueled by sincerity but out of fear that you will be punished forever. Your good works are phony, not because you want to do them but because you feel obligated to.
  • You live your life hating who you are if who you are does not line up with the way others tell you that you should live.

You are not a sinner.

First of all, you have to choose to become a sinner.  You can choose to believe that you are not a sinner.

What do you do now?

You can decide to live a good life being true to who you are, helping others and allowing yourself room to grow, make mistakes and discover who you are.

You are not a bad person.

You were not born a bad person.

You are who you are but this world has taught you to be ashamed of who you know you are. The things that truly delight you, outside of hurting others, are nothing to be ashamed of. The only moral code you should live by is to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

You are not a sinner. You are amazing at the core of your being. You were created to be amazing and unique and different and bring a special flavor to this world by being who you know you are on the inside. You do not need their approval or appreciation.

You are not a sinner. Remember who you are. You chose to be here. You wanted to experience this life. There is a purpose for you here. It is not to be a drone, mindlessly following someone else’s recipe for your life.

Create your own path. Let go of the condemnation that has been passed on for generations.

You are not a sinner.



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