5 Ways To Dominate Your Partner Sexually

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Do you dream of being a dominatrix, at least in the bedroom, yet you don’t know where to start? Here are 5 handy tips to get you headed in the right direction toward your fantasy of dominating your partner sexually.


1. Make rules

When you decide that you want to dominate your partner sexually for the first time, it may come as a surprise to the person. If you are naturally dominant you will fall into the flow of things quite easily but if you are not, it may take some practice.

You have to first believe that you have the power. If you don’t believe it, they won’t either. Because you have the power, your demands and pleasure should be most important. It’s not about them, it’s about YOU and your happiness.

Decide that you are going to dominate and choose a time. Before you begin, inform, do not ASK, inform your partner that you are going to have a play session tonight and during this session you are going to be in control. Tell them that they will follow all directions and all commands without hesitation or suffer the consequences which they will not like.

This should excite your partner. You can tell by the smile threatening to erupt on their lips or by them squirming in their seat due to their arousal.  If you notice these signs instead of a confused look, you can proceed.

Tell them your rules. You can make rules like:

a) Do not look at me in the eyes unless I give you verbal permission.

b) You are to only wear underwear and nothing else.

c) You will bow at my feet as soon as I walk into the room.

d) You are not allowed to orgasm unless I give you permission.


2. Make your partner kiss and rub your feet.

Beginning a play session with kissing and rubbing your feet is a good way for you to feel the energy exchange between the two of you. When you look down at your partner as they are worshiping your feet understand your place as the power in the relationship and do not hesitate to instruct them until they get it exactly right.


3. Decide on a punishment for misbehavior. 

If you are going to dominate your partner sexually there has to be some sort of punishment that they KNOW they will receive if they do not obey your commands. Examples are sitting in the corner facing the wall on their knees, slapping, nipple pinching or spanking. Decide on something that you know your partner would not like much, explain to them that if they do not perform well, they will be punished and explain what the punishment will be.


4. Get your pleasure.

What do you like sexually? Is it oral sex? Do you like having your nipples sucked? Whatever it is that you like, make them do it. This is not about mutual pleasure, it is about YOUR pleasure only. Make them do it for as long as you like and do not worry about if they like it or not. If they do not perform in the way you like it, offer the punishment. Keep going until you are satisfied.


5. Do not allow them to orgasm.

Restricting orgasm is a very important way to dominate your partner. By withholding their release, or pleasure you are in complete control of them. Receive your pleasure in every way that you want but offer none to them. If you like performing oral, you can, but do not allow them to orgasm. If you like intercourse missionary style go right ahead, but do not allow them to orgasm.

Restrict their pleasure and focus on your own and you have completely dominated the sexual experience.


Aftercare- After you are done and you have received your pleasure remember to tell them that they did a good job, kiss them, hold them, bring them water and remind them of how much you care for them.


Have fun!


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