Hurry Up And Get Your First Marriage Out of the Way

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For those of us who still idealize the concept of marriage and want to at least try it, there is still hope in this era of hook ups and women’s liberation. No, women do not need to get married as we did in past eras so we are looking at marriage differently. Some of us are hoping to meet someone to have a life-long companion and friend while others are hoping for a business partner.

Whether you are looking for a helpmate or a soul mate it may be a good idea to hurry up and get your first marriage out of the way and here are 7 reasons why.

1. After going through such a traumatic transition together, you may end up becoming best friends.

2. You may realize that your expectations of a partnership are unrealistic or too needy.

3.  After you have survived your first divorce, all of life’s setbacks seem less menacing.

4. You realize that your partner can not complete you.

5. You understand that you can’t create your ideal version of marriage by yourself.

6. You finally understand that your marriage should be an accent to your life, not the starting point.

7. Most people entering a first-time marriage believe that ending the relationship is equal to permanent failure. Once you bounce back, you know for a fact that it is not.

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