What Do You Worship Every Day?

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notebook-405755_640Today as I spent nearly every waking minute sitting in front of this laptop I realized something that made me stand up, close the lid and walk away. I went outside and shook my head as I realized that the majority of my focus in life is this computer, my blogs and my online activities.

I literally spend the majority of each day looking at my computer screen, studying ways to make my online businesses grow and thinking about my blogs when I am not working on them.


I wake up every morning with anxiety in my heart wondering how my traffic went while I went to sleep and thinking about what I can create next to add to my online portfolio.

I have to admit, I am not ashamed that my online business and blogging habit is damn near my religion. It brings me joy. It supports me financially. It makes me happy. I wouldn’t trade my passion for blogging and content creation for the world!

So what about you?

What is it that you think about first thing in the morning? What do you stress over before you fall asleep? What is it that you think about while you are alone?

Whatever that answer is- you are worshiping that thing, that person or that situation.

Is it worthy of your worship? Is it beneficial to you? Does it cause you to progress? Does it bring you joy?

If what you are worshiping does not add anything positive to your life in any way, you have to find something else to worship. Take that thing that you are worshiping and isn’t benefiting you and decide that you don’t need it anymore.

Yes, it is a decision and you can change it.

When the habit of worshiping that thing, place, person or situation comes up again- just say NO to it.

Yes, aloud. Say out loud- NO. I will not worship you anymore. Keep saying NO even if it makes you look crazy in public.

Replace that old thing you were meditating on with a wish for your future and every time you think about that old thing, state your wish.

I wish I had a new career. 

Repeat it three times, smile and keep going about your day. Eventually, you will receive a signal or a nudge for an action you should take to make your new wish come true. Follow that even if it seems outlandish or foolish. Take a risk out of playful curiosity that maybe everything you want can come true. It could come true. It’s so much easier to have faith in disappointment but we have to learn how to believe in fulfillment too.

Your wish could come true. It won’t be a miracle because miracles are for people who don’t want to put in any work. When your wish comes true, it will be all about you listening to your intuitive nudges and taking action, creating a swirl of energy around you and causing movement in your life.

Something new is going to happen. Something different will come along. Before you know it, as you listen to your creative mind whisper instructions and you follow them, you will soon have forgotten about that old thing you used to worship.

Try it and tell me how it worked out for you!



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