Tyra Banks Earns Business Certificate From Harvard

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Photo credit: Tyra’s Mom

Supermodel Tyra Banks announced via her Google Plus account that she earned her business degree from Harvard.

Tyra, the Emmy winning talk show host and Victoria’s secret model is 39 years old and has already achieved the kind of success that dreams are made of yet she decided to dedicate her time to formal education.

Is formal education really important? In this day and age of access to an abundant amount of mass information, it is easy to teach yourself any skill. But, for the average person who needs accountability and direction, investing in a formal education is a better route. For the woman whose dream is to enter into corporate America and flourish, the more degrees you have, the better.

For My Savvy Sisters, who desire to become entrepreneurs, a formal education will likely earn you a spot in the company you desire to learn from so that you can imitate their successes and learn from their weaknesses when you begin to build your own company.

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