How to Be the Perfect Bitch to Men

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The word “Bitch” seems like derogatory term but it really indicates a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for less. Most men, the ones that you WANT to be with, love a real bitch because they don’t have to guess what she is thinking since she always speaks her mind.

Here are 5 ways to be the PERFECT BITCH to men so they will love you for life.


1. Correct Him

I told you 16 ounces, not 24 ounces. Go back to the store and get it right.

He needs correction. If he makes a mistake, tell him what he’s done wrong. If he forgets something, make sure you bring it up. Always bring up his mistakes and ask him to repeat your instructions out loud until he doesn’t get it wrong anymore. You make the rules, make him follow them.


2. Ration Sex

PERFECT bitch 2

Oral sex? No. It’s not your birthday.

Sex is a treat. He gets it for good behavior only. Never give him oral sex unless YOU want to, never at his request.

3. It’s Your Decision

Man kneeling on Forest Path

Do I really want to see him today? Hm. Only if he brings dinner.

You make the rules. Your choice is the best choice. It’s your way or no way at all. Never compromise. Make him leave if he puts up a fight. You can have someone else to replace him in a minute and he should know and respect that.

4. Make Him Earn It

perfect bitch 4

Ok. You can stop sleeping on the bridge now. Come home.

Every treat, every smile, every date he gets with you must be earned. Did he clean up the entire house yet? Did he wash your car? Did he pick up the kids and take them to baseball practice? If not, he doesn’t get the things he needs to be happy. He doesn’t get a home cooked meal, he doesn’t get a smile from you and he certainly doesn’t get any sex. He has to EARN good treatment by good behavior.

5. Date Others

Perfect bitch 5

You two should get to know each other because I don’t have to choose unless I want to.

I don’t care if you are in love, if you want to be the PERFECT BITCH you have to have a few other guys you are seeing. You don’t have to sleep with them but they must be available to fulfill your needs when he is not on his best behavior. You have to make him understand that he is one of MANY who are vying for your attention and you should never place your focus on just one man unless you are married and monogamous.

Now go and be the PERFECT BITCH, when he wins your favor he will be so proud of himself and you will be too!

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