Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential

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Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential 6

Believing Your Current Method is the Only Way to Success


You have had some successes in your life thus far. You have achieved a majority of your goals yet others have fallen by the wayside. You may be beating yourself up for not being able to achieve certain things and you keep trying and trying and trying but your progress meter will not budge. What’s wrong?

You may be hitting a brick wall because you are doing the wrong thing. Just because a particular method worked for you in the past doesn’t mean that it will work forever. Why do women kill their potential in this way? Your skill set is growing. You are evolving as a person. You have gone through different experiences that have shaped who you are. It’s time for your achievement methods to be reshaped too.

You must do the thing that you never thought you would do. You must take the actions that you KNOW you need to take even if you are afraid of the outcome. Do not be afraid to fail. You WILL fail. You MUST fail. It is a part of the process. Every failure teaches you what not to do in the next phase of your journey. Every failure actually chips away at the old you, making room for the new.

It’s time to start a new thing. You know what to do.

Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential 2

Intentionally Sabotaging or Not Helping Others


For some reason you may believe that there is only so much success to go around. When you believe this you feel as though you have to strategize and pull others down so that you can climb up. Allow me to restructure that belief.

The Universe is so vast and complex in its nature. There is no way we can understand or even begin to comprehend everything. We can only take educated guesses as to why we exist and the purpose behind it all or we can decide to follow the belief systems passed on by those we respect like our parents or other leaders. Regardless, I choose to believe that there is enough abundance, success and greatness to share with everyone. There is no need to compete or fight for your place of honor. Who are you seeking honor from anyway? Do you really need their validation for you to feel good about yourself?

When you meet someone who is doing the things you would like to do or on their way to achieving the success you would like to achieve and you have certain tools necessary to aid in their growth, don’t hold back hoping that they will never figure it out. You are intentionally trying to sabotage or delay their success which is actually an indication that your own success is about to come to an end.

The energy we put out into the world is guaranteed to come back to us in the same form it was sent, except much more intensely. What we wish for others, we wish for ourselves. I am not telling you to go out and give away everything you have to others, but I am saying if someone who is working hard toward their success reaches out to you for guidance or assistance please pass along a few tips to sow a seed into their prosperity which is guaranteed to fuel your own.



Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential 3

Making Marriage the Ultimate Goal in Life


We all want to be loved. We all want to experience the bliss of sitting next to someone who understands us and accepts us as we are. I am told this is an amazing experience, but it is important to understand that this isn’t the ONLY experience that we will treasure throughout our lives.

Being a part of a marriage is an awesome life experience that many treasure for years, however until the time comes to enjoy that there is so much more for you to take pleasure in. In fact, you are not guaranteed to experience the bliss of a marriage in this lifetime. I’m sorry to say that being loved is not a right. It is not a requirement to live a happy life.

When you make marriage your ultimate goal in life you limit your potential because you overlook the other adventurous paths you could be taking. Marriage should be viewed as a PART of your life journey, not the trigger for it to begin.


Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential 5

Being Dependent on Someone Else for Validation or Guidance


It will always be a good idea to have a team of people in your corner that you trust. These should be people whose opinion you value and respect. These people will often provide a new perspective that will help you form a better rounded view of your circumstance.

However, it must be understood that none of these people know your heart, your desires or your dreams the way you do. To that respect, no one is more capable of guiding you than you are. No one knows what you are capable of more than you do. Only you know your limits and your abilities. Anyone can give you a blueprint for success according to their capabilities but it may not match yours and that is okay.

Learn to trust yourself in every decision. You don’t need their applause to know you are great. You don’t have to measure your success by their barometer. You are your own barometer.  You don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do. You already know. Trust yourself first.




Top 5 Ways Women Kill Their Potential 4

Comparing Yourself to Other Women


You may believe there’s a woman out there who is smarter than you are. She’s prettier than you are. She has more success with men. She will achieve more than you will ever achieve. You feel sad by this knowledge and you feel threatened by her existence. You look for her in every woman you meet, eyeing them down from head to toe, assessing their wardrobe, their car, and their resumes. You take stock of all you see and you make a mental checklist to compare your own progress and potential.

If you want to kill the effect this woman has on you, which nearly brings you to tears, you must accept that she does in fact exist. Accept that there may be another woman who shines brighter than you do. Face it. Acknowledge it. Allow this revelation to sink in.

Then you must say to yourself, “So what?”

This is not a competition. You are not in competition with anyone, even HER. Her life is her own and you will never know what she had to go through to attain all that she has attained. You will never know how much she had to put up with or what she goes through behind closed doors and really it is none of your business. Who cares?

You do not have to admire anyone because everyone is here on this planet for the same reason, to create the life that they envision. She created that lifestyle and you created yours. Her choices have nothing to do with you.

Own your place in life and improve it if you want to. If you don’t want to, that’s your right. You don’t have to meet up to anyone’s expectations but your own. Stop killing your potential by believing you have to be like others. You have your own destiny to live out. Take charge of your adventure and create the life you want the same way that SHE did.






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