The Rebuild Your Life Project Documentary

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During MySavvySisters.Com’s very first massive empowerment outreach to women, its publisher, Te-Erika Patterson, became homeless on purpose to teach women how to overcome their fear of failure.

Her hope was that in showing what extreme failure looks like, no woman would ever have to fear it again and would be free to face life transitions with confidence that they could REBUILD THEIR LIVES.

During her 4 months as a homeless woman, Te-Erika was able to:

1) Organize a job fair for homeless women and women in distress
2) Report on the pitfalls and benefits of homelessness
3) Raise money for a $650 Rental Assistance Grant For Women
4) Obtain a job as a waitress and move herself up out of homelessness

You can read a more detailed description of her journey into and out of homeless by visiting the Rebuild Your Life Tag on My Savvy Sisters or visiting The Rebuild Your Life Project page.

You can watch the inspirational video series she documented during her journey by visiting our youtube channel and clicking the Rebuild Your Life Project Documentary playlist.

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