How To Talk To Your Child About Cancer

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The Silver Pen, an inspirational website for women created by Hollye Jacobs offers women a special gift in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Hollye, who overcame a battle with breast cancer just one year ago created the site to honor the silver linings she celebrates through all life situations as her own life value blossomed due to her awakening.

Please take a moment to view the video series she created to share her story and wisdom for helping your family to communicate more effectively when dealing with a life threatening illness like breast cancer. In the first video she explains why it is important to speak openly to children about cancer and the best way to approach the subject.

Thank you Hollye for such a remarkable and thoughtful video.

The Silver Lining: Tools for Talking with Children about Cancer from Hollye Jacobs / on Vimeo.

To learn more about Hollye and her efforts to support women through an extreme life transition like cancer, please visit her website, The Silver Pen.

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