REBUILD: Personal Protection For Women

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As I move forward with organizing this Project one of my main concerns is my safety as I live on the streets. Although I would like to believe that I am protected and cared for, the reality is, anything could happen and having my cell phone isn’t all the protection that I need.

I reached out to one of My Savvy Sisters and asked for recommendations for the best safety protection for women. She advised me to choose from any of these weapons.

“I don’t know if I could use any of these things,” I told her cautiously.

“If it comes down to your life or theirs, you better use it!” she said. “You’re not trying to kill anyone. You’re trying to get them off of you so that you can get away.”

All of these personal protection weapons for women and many others are available at Rugged Works in Atlanta, Georgia.

For My Savvy Sisters: Which of these weapons should I order to carry with me as my personal protection?

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