Te-Erika’s Diary: My Polyamory Dream

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I’ve written about polyamory before after interviewing a woman who is involved in a poly relationship. I think polyamory is fascinating yet out of reach for me since I can’t even manage ONE relationship let alone even DREAM about having two.

So I was surprised when I woke up from my late evening nap and found that I was wearing a HUGE grin. Why? Well. What had happened in my dream was…

I showed up at the door of a handsome man I know. It was completely unannounced, which I knew was asking for trouble but I wanted some trouble so I did it anyway, I guess. When I got there, I knocked on the door and THEN noticed that there was already a woman standing there waiting for the door to be opened.

She was really cute and at first glance, our eyes met and we both smirked at each other. I felt a surge of attraction for her and she smiled, bit her lip and looked at the ground as we both stood there.  She took a turn knocking on the door and as we peered in we saw lights turn on.

When the door opened, it wasn’t HIM. It was a woman, with a toddler by her side and a small baby in her arms.

The woman was just as attractive as the initial woman I stood at the door with. In fact, the 3 of us could have been sisters. We all exchanged looks- looks of invitation- like we had a secret that we shared.

No one said anything. The woman with the kids backed into the doorway and HE stepped out. He looked at all 3 of us, all 3 women there to see him.

He wore a serious expression on his face as we all waited to see what he would do. He then stepped back into his doorway to let us all in.

I woke up SMILING at the thought.

Hidden desire? I don’t know. That entire scene was REALLY hot to me.


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