The Common Sense Rant

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By L. Morrison

I’m rather upset by so much of the news I’ve been watching this morning so I’m on a bit of a rant getting rid of all this negativity, but here goes 5 of my common sense tips, for whatever it’s worth:

Common Sense Tip 1: IF you are an ADULT & SEE another adult assaulting a CHILD, STOP IT!! Don’t walk away, call your Dad asking what to do & then finally call some administrative bureaucrat the NEXT MORNING & THINK you’ve done your best. You HAVEN’T!

Common Sense Tip 2: IF you SEE someone in a wheelchair, with a baby buggy struggling or anything else, OFFER TO HELP!!!!! If they refuse your help, so what, don’t take it personally, at least YOU know you DID what you SHOULD have done!

Common Sense Tip 3: IF someone wishes you Merry Christmas or God Bless, accept it in the spirit in which it was expressed, as a lovely compliment, a blessing on you or a thoughtful greeting and NOT a dis on YOU, YOUR faith or your belief system or any other faith or belief system. Just say thank you and move on about your day with a little lift in your heart that some stranger just wished you well.

Common Sense Tip 4: IF a 5 year old CHILD says he thinks his teacher is cute, it is NOT SEXUAL HARASSMENT, it is a CHILD expressing something simple and pure! Stop making them feel as if their feelings are ugly when they aren’t!!! STOP RUINING OUR CHILDREN!!! And just for the record, this also goes for children hugging and kissing each other too! Children are joyful and if nothing else, we should ALL see the world as a child does and should be able to express our love for one another without such ugly sentiments crushing our spirits.

Common Sense Tip 5: STOP buying into this mantra that it’s everyone else’s responsibility to MAKE you happy and prosperous! It’s NOT! This is something that is up to YOU. Stop being so pessimistic, negative and so readily assuming the worst in every situation. IF you go about your life and your business with this kind of negativity in your heart and mind, it WILL escape, go out into the world and find its wicked way back to you. What you put out there IS going to be coming back at you so DON’T be surprised when it does and cry foul. IF you WANT happiness, be determined to BE happy, do not allow others to dictate your life, get out there and DO the things that will MAKE you happy. Period! Everything ELSE WILL fall into place!

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