The Single Most Important Question

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If you dare to grow beyond your wildest dreams there is one question that you MUST ask consistently.

“How will this benefit me?”

Gone are the days when we simply believed everything that was introduced to us. It is much easier to live life that way because we aren’t forced to think and be responsible for ourselves, but today’s woman, well, My Savvy Sisters, are smarter than that.

We understand that every belief is a choice. We understand that every move we make will result in an equal reaction from our environment. We understand that if we don’t ask WHY we become mindless followers who allow the opinions of others to dictate our lives. We can’t allow that to happen.

There are times when it is okay to be a follower, but at this moment, we have to examine every belief introduced to us and every opportunity presented to us.

How will this benefit me?

It is a benefit to you because once you find the answer to this question in any situation, you will be confident in the decision you make as a result. You’ll know that this choice was yours and anything that happens is a result of your best wishes for your own life and your authority as the captain of your journey.

Don’t allow anyone to chart your journey for you. Stand up to those who think they know what’s best for your life, find your answer and stand your ground.

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