10 Movies That Will Make You Cry

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My Savvy Sisters know that a vital part of being strong is understanding that showing emotion isn’t a sign of weakness. We all need a good cry sometimes. Go ahead, release your emotion and let it all hang out by watching these clips of the saddest scenes from 10 Movies That Will Make You Cry.

Thomas J’s Funeral (My Girl)

Rudy finally gets to play (Rudy)

To Me You Are Perfect (Love Actually)

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Man (As Good As It Gets)

The Moment Just Passes You By (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

Celie Reunites With Nettie (The Color Purple)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (You’ve Got Mail)

Jack Dies (Titanic)

Their Great Escape (Set It Off)

Wind Beneath My Wings (Beaches)

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