REVIEW: SlideRocket Presentation Software

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From Résumés to Business Promotions: Ten Reasons to Get SlideRocket in Your Life!

By Kitty K. Free

I was introduced to SlideRocket by a friend on Facebook, who shared it for its use as a “présumé”, which is a presentation resume. He showed three samples of some awesome présumés. They were Powerpoint presentations, but were created online, through the website, and that’s where they are stored. I immediately saw the potential of its use and created my own attention grabbing slide, the same day. I put the slide together in a snap. Using their “build” tool I made words and images leap off the screen. The hardest part was gathering the content I wanted to use, but once I had that figured out, I was a go! I know lots of authors, artists, musicians, and others that are constantly looking for exciting and new promotional tools. This is a great, simple to use, yet sophisticated, tool that will make your story pop!

1. Supremely easy to use. I mastered it after about 15 minutes of playing. The latest version of Powerpoint is pretty easy – this is even easier! Even creating an account is easy. Just enter your email address and a password and you’re in. You don’t have to go check your email to confirm, then click the link to go back to the site.

2. Premade templates, or you can create your own, which is about as simple as using the premade.

3. You can immediately share your presentation with the world, using their “Go Public Link” and “Get Embed Code” options, which you can just copy and paste to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Easy to add social sharing tabs for Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

5. There’s an option to keep presentations private, so that you can share it with specific people only.

6. Cloud style storage so you can access your presentations anywhere. I say cloud-style, because I haven’t seen the word “cloud” used to describe the storage on their site.

7. You can track how many people have viewed your presentation, and from what city, on the site, and have the option to receive an email whenever it’s viewed.

8. Viewers can leave comments, so it’s great for interacting with your audience. There’s also an option to add a survey.

9. You can record you own voice, audio, and add videos to your presentation with ease.

10. It’s FREE! At least SlideRocket Lite is free. It says it’s for non-commercial use, and has pretty much all of the same tools as SlideRocket Pro, which is $24 a month or $240 for a year.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a new and exciting way to show the world who they are. Here’s my SlideRocket, tell me what you think!

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