Teana McDonald Shares 4 Clues You’re On The Right Track In Business

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Teana McDonald, the Instyle Diva

Teana McDonald, the Instyle Diva

Goodbye Teana.

She held her head high as she walked out of her job for the last time after being laid off. She sat for a moment to reflect on her experience there. Did she make a great salary there? Yes. Was she happy? No.

Today Teana McDonald is the 37-year-old owner of the Instyle Diva, a Social Media & Public Relations boutique firm in Margate, Florida. Teana helps small and mid-size businesses establish an online presence which offers credibility to their brand.  Even though today she is living her dream, if it weren’t for that fateful day when she was handed a pink slip, she may have never made it to cash in her ticket to the rat race and become an entrepreneur.

“I knew from an early age that I was born to lead but I just didn’t know how to get here,” Teana admits. After working for Donna Kara and growing a business that manufactured hair accessories for little girls which ultimately failed, Teana used every failure and heartbreak to sculpt her current business.

“That mighty dollar holds so many of us back including me,” Teana shares. “It takes money to grow and build a successful business. But, if you are savvy enough you can figure out some unique ways to get what you want at a fraction of the cost, or even free.”

While Teana admits that past business failure gave her a leg up when she started her current business, she still had a few obstacles to overcome.  “I had to figure out how to market & sell my services effectively to attract the right clients,” she says. “This sounds easy but could cost a bundle if you are too quick to jump. I did my research, made friends in the PR industry and figured out how to expose my business and my services in the community. I had the sense to ask for help, take a risk and then run with it!”

Teana describes her current lifestyle as “Perfect.” She balances her family and work, with enough time to drop her kids off to school and get in a work out at the gym before her daily business duties. After years of wins and losses Teana explains how you can tell if you are on the right track with your business.

  1. You are making a money
  2. You hire your first employee
  3. You wake up with purpose and love what you do
  4. Your family and friends are committed and invested in your success


To learn more about Teana McDonald visit           www.theinstylediva.com


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