My Savvy Sister Of The Week- Nancy Colasurdo

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Nancy Colasurdo is an independently contracted Life Coach. She has years of experience under her belt since she had to coach herself to success through many trials and obstacles. Today, Nancy celebrates not only being debt free but also stress free. She teaches the keys she used to triumph on her FoxBusiness Column.

My Savvy Sisters asked Nancy to share a bit of her life’s growth by playing the “I Used To Be….But Now I’m…” game. This exercise awakens your inner spirit by cataloguing your growth right before your eyes.

Nancy Colasurdo

I used to be very black and white in my thinking, but now I see gray area all the time, everywhere. I love that feeling of opening up to nuance and possibility. It is a better quality of life.

I used to be nearly oblivious to homelessness, which I’m not proud of, but now I see it and try to understand it. After a layoff in 2002, I hit a rough patch financially and began to notice the homeless. That’s why I started giving a pro bono coaching session each week through my local homeless shelter and I’ve been doing so for over three years. It’s been a wonderful experience.

I used to be a sports journalist for a newspaper, but now I write a twice-weekly life coaching column called Game Plan for Already a seasoned journalist, coaching training in 2002 helped me become a better interviewer and listener.

I used to be a suburbanite, but now I’m all about urban life. That realization came from paying attention during a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship at the University of Michigan back in 1996. I realized how much I enjoyed the energy of walking out my door and having countless possibilities within walking distance. It transformed my life.

I used to be very resistant to social media, but now I actively participate on Facebook and Twitter. It’s an invaluable way to create a community, gauge societal reactions to what’s happening in the world and in pop culture, and share business and personal information with people.

View the massive archives of Nancy’s wisdom on her blog.

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