My Savvy Sister Of The Week- Kathryn Alice

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Kathryn Alice is the author of Love Will Find You:9 Magnets To Bring You And Your Soulmate Together, a guide to helping singles to prepare for their soulmates. Kathryn is a celebrated author, speaker and love experts. Her workshops teach singles how to believe in and connect with their ONE before the physical meeting. Kathryn’s book teaches that you will connect with your soulmate wherever you are in life without having to change or transform.

My Savvy Sisters caught up with Kathryn as she vacationed with her husband in Barbados. Kathryn and her husband have been married for 10 years and enjoy spending the winter months vacationing in the Caribbean.

As we chatted, I could feel the positive love energy that exuded from Kathryn’s core. She shared with me that she wasn’t always this content. “I was an insecure wreck trying to find my way,” she said. “I thought of myself as a failure. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until I was 35.”

Kathryn said she always wanted to be a writer but she became a publicist to pay the bills. Working to care for her child as a single parent, Kathryn almost gave up on her dream. “It was by the grace of God,” she asserted. “I had been a failure in life and one day I taught a workshop and that very first one was so well attended that I had an epiphany. When you find your calling, things start going well. It’s like a natural flow.”

Before the flow of life eased her into the comfort she enjoys now, Kathryn said she had to do a lot of inner work, beginning with affirmations like, “Life is easy. God can make a way.”

She would repeat these statements over and over until she felt that they were her truths. “I would journal out my frustrations and then I would leave that negative state and focus on where I wanted to go instead of where I was at the time,” she said.

Kathryn Alice offers My Savvy Sisters 5 Things You Should Never Do When Hoping To Attract Your Soulmate:

1. Don’t sell yourself short. Most people go into it thinking the other person’s doing them a favor and they have to compromise to keep them. The biggest attribute that contributes to attraction is self confidence.

2. Don’t believe the statistics. The studies show so many negative things that will keep you feeling hopeless about love. Ignore them. I’ve seen people get married at every weight, at every age and from every race.

3. Don’t make it into a logical thing. Let go and trust that you will have what you desire. When you’re in a good mood and you allow it to happen, it happens.

4. Do nothing about it. Sometimes its best to include unstructured time in your schedule. Hop in your car and say, “I am going to stop where I land.” Sit home and don’t do anything productive. Just the gesture of doing something unstructured leads the way to a playful feeling of energy that calls in your soulmate.

“If you want love you get it, “Kathryn asserts. “It’s incredible and it’s so much fun and it will be nothing like you’ve ever had before. When you meet your soulmate there are all of these extra gifts that you get that makes it even better than what you could imagine. It’s okay to hope for love. That longing for your soulmate indicates that you have one and it will lead you two together.”

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For My Savvy Sisters: Have you met your soulmate? Are you still hoping for one? Are you doing anything specific to attract them?

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