You’re Not Ready To Buy A House If…

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Life has a way of making us want to measure our success by reaching certain life milestones. By 18, we need to be headed to college. By 25 we should be married. By 30 we should have our first child and by 35 we should be running the PTA and managing our own businesses.

You don’t have to succumb to the pressure to keep up with the pace of your parents or friends. They’re living their lives on their own frequency and you are allowed to do the same. No, you don’t need to own your first home by the time you’re 31 in order to feel successful but we often think this is what we need to do in order to feel ‘grown up’. This isn’t true. You’re holding yourself down by tying yourself to an investment that isn’t really necessary right now.

In fact, if you still…

  • Haven’t traveled to the place you’ve been dreaming of visiting
  • Have yet to save enough to pay off your car
  • Are drowning in student loan debt
  • Aren’t happy in the city where you live
  • Daydream about making a career change
  • Are not thinking about settling down
  • Are under 35
  • Have lived in one city your entire life
  • Have never been placed in a situation where you have to figure a way out all by yourself
  • Are still depending on your parents to bail you out
  • Do not have a dependable second stream of income outside of working for a wage

Buying a house will hold you back from being free to chase the opportunities that could lead to the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’ll get to that home ownership stage later but for now, focus on living the most adventurous life possible filled with those magical events that you never thought could happen in real life. They can and they will if you don’t burden yourself with owning ‘stuff’ that holds you back from experiencing the freedom of life which eventually ends up shackling you to where you are.


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