Te-Erika’s Diary: Life Without Food Stamps

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So here it is, going on two months since I last received a food stamp payment. Why am I calling it a payment?

Anyway. I made the decision to not renew my foodstamp case, not because I am ineligible, but simply because I felt this urge to move away from my old ways of thinking.

Yeah, I know- food stamps are free money. How else can I go and buy shrimp cocktail, crab legs, brownie icecream, steaks and all the Publix sub sandwhiches I can handle? Can I do that stuff now? Honestly, I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t be so luxurious with my own money. I wouldn’t splurge so much on things like frozen shrimp PLATTERS when I can just buy the shrimp in a bag and put it on a plate myself.

How have I been eating? I use my own money that I make from work. Have I missed any meals? No, ever since I stopped using foodstamps, I eat out more instead of buying groceries.

I spoke with my Mother about my decision to get off of foodstamps and she said, “If you don’t need it, why get it?”

But it’s FREE FOOD STAMPS? Why not? It’s there. I’m eligible. I can use that money for food and buy other stuff with my own money.

But really, one of the reasons why I wanted to move away from using foodstamps is to place myself in a different mental state, one that is miles away from those who consider themselves to be victims. I am not a victim. I do not need a handout. Sure, I can take it because it’s there and its so easy to get but really, do I want to associate myself with the poverty level in life?

What if I moved away from accepting the free government handouts and started focusing on taking better care of myself? What if I examined the lives of those who make careers out of receiving foodstamps and those who create CAREERS that sustain them financially? What will I find? What will be the major differences?

I do not have the group mentality and I am not a follower, but if time after time I witness the most successful women practicing certain habits I would be a fool not to try them out for myself. In this case it is important to align your practices with those you admire instead of those who claim victimhood. Foodstamps are for people who need ‘help’.


I am glad this program exists for those who do need help but for me, I’m using this ENDING as a signal that I am ready for more responsibility and more abundance in my life. I want to be a GIVER of help instead of a receiver. I’m done with foodstamps and I hope this lasts forever.

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