Te-Erika’s Diary: I Missed My Period

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I’ll admit I can be a bit of a slutty girl.

Being wild turns me on. Besides, after having my last child 11 years ago and not dating anyone seriously for the past 12 years I don’t even take men seriously anymore. It’s sex. Just sex. Nothing more.

So sex it was with my latest lover. He was pretty good at following instructions and offering me my kinky role play. Too bad our birth control slipped, we bought the morning after pill and like clockwork, we stopped speaking to each other.

2 weeks later I realize that my period is a week late. I’m nervous but I’m thinking that I haven’t been pregnant since my last child and I’m feeling invincible even though my breasts are sore, I’m cramping (which I usually don’t) and I have gotten sick with flu-like symptoms (which I rarely do).

A quick trip to the dollar store and I found a dollar pregnancy test.  I brought it home, read the instructions and waited for 3 minutes.

I picked up the white stick, stared at the 2 lines showing and I rolled my eyes.

This is not happening. Not right now.

I stayed up the entire night worrying. At 8am I called Planned Parenthood to make an appointment. They told me that I could go into any doctors office and take a pregnancy test to confirm.

So I walked around my neighborhood until I found one. For some reason Westlake has tons of women’s health centers and I had been given so many fliers to come in for free health care so I knew they were around.

I walked into an office and told the receptionist that I believe I am pregnant and she gave me a cup to urinate in. After she checked it out she said, “Yes, it’s positive. Let’s get you back in here tomorrow to see the doctor.”

So I went back the next afternoon to see the doctor and I had to sit in the waiting room with all of the other expecting Moms. Emotionally, I was upset with myself, but still level headed because I know how to make a decision and stick with it.

I saw the doctor and he performed an ultrasound. My eyes were closed because I didn’t want to see.

“This is interesting,” he said. “You should look at this.”

I refused.

“Ok,” he began. “Baby A is 4 centimeters. Baby B is also 4 centimeters.”

I gasped. Twins.



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