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When Darcy (Staci Lawrence), a recovering anorexic meets Lydia (Deidra Edwards), an obese sales clerk, their lives interwine in a way you could never imagine. Although physically, Lydia is Darcy’s worst nightmare, she decides that the two should be friends and they team up to discuss and hold hands as they wade through the impact their body image and eating habits have had on their lives in the movie DisFIGURED.

This is an amazing story of two friends on opposite ends of the same battle with their body image. Lydia wants very badly to be thin and Darcy wants to stop thinking that she’s fat. When Lydia asks Darcy to teach her how to be anorexic so that she can lose weight too, the two showcase an indepth look inside the mind of an anorexic that is unexplainable. When Lydia wants to break her new ‘diet’ we experience with her the battle over the happiness binging on food brings.

I was captivated at every moment and couldn’t decide if I wanted Lydia’s character to lose weight or to be happy being obese. I wanted Darcy to lighten up and enjoy life without critiquing herself so much. She is amazingly thin, how could she perceive herself as fat? It’s a mental struggle that can’t be won with words, rewards or lost inches.

This is an amazing movie. The conversations seem so authentic that you held your breath as they had their exchanges. Who would have thought that two extremely different women could be so much alike and face the same type of criticisms from the people who love them. I have a different kind of compassion for women who are battling body image issues. After watching this movie I decided to love my body no matter what. Besides, it’s only transportation for the real essence of who I am.Link

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