Te-Erika’s Diary: I Joined a Facebook Roast Group & I Love it!

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It happened one night that I was surfing the web looking for some information and I came across BlogTV, a now defunct site that allowed Youtubers to get on camera and broadcast live to their subscribers who would chat with them in a chat box.

From there I met my favorite Youtuber and from there he invited me to a closed group he was in but I didn’t understand what it was at first. It seemed the point of the group was to post funny pics and make jokes.

After reading for a while, I noticed that whenever a new member joined they would post their picture and say Hello and then everyone in the group would talk shit about their looks, their clothes, their hair, their house- basically ROASTING them.

Yo Mama So Fat


I was amused because I never grew up doing such a thing. I used to cry when my little sister teased me when we were younger. She used to call me “Captain Bucky No-Hair” because I have buck teeth and I have always been bald-headed. I just didn’t understand why anyone would try to hurt someone’s feelings. When I asked her why she did that, she would just laugh at me.

But now I get it!

Being in a roast group has allowed me to let down my guard when it comes to insults. People are just releasing a little frustration, judgment and criticism and it’s really all in good fun. We are so trained to be polite and politically correct that sometimes we need to let our animal side OUT and tell someone about their stupid opinion or ugly face.

Sure, some people get their feelings hurt, but they are sensitive and insecure. Now I jump in and play the dozens with the best of them and it feels oh soo good to release that mean girl side of me that I always wished I could bring out.

Yes, I am a mean girl- to men, but there are other socially unacceptable thoughts that I have that I have never uttered because I am trying to be polite.

Thoughts like:

Bitch- you ugly as fuck, you need to take that fucking weave out.


Your girl look like a fucking ugly ass man, no wonder she with your ashy ass!

I get to just unleash my inner mean girl and everyone laughs and moves on with no issues because that is what a ROAST group is for.

Facebook Roast Groups 2

Black, White. It doesn’t matter. As long as you come with the most hurtful insults, you’ll fit in. Yes, they go IN on me sometimes too, I’ve been told I look like a pit bull dog. It doesn’t hurt my feelings-anymore.

I feel stronger. Better. Wiser.

Boy, I wish I had known about this when I was younger, my sister and I could have had some FUN talking trash to each other.

Here is a Roast group that I did NOT join. It’s called You’re A Non-Fucking Factor- BITCH! You can join if you want to kick back and let the insults fly from your fingertips while having a good laugh in the process!

When you join, the first thing you do is post a picture of yourself and say HELLO to the group, telling them you’re new. Then- DON’T GET YOUR FEELINGS HURT!

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