How To Survive- A First Date

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You must be so nervous right now. You’re wondering if you’ve chosen the right outfit. You’re agonizing over whether your shoes match your purse just right. You can’t wait to see his face when he notices your new hairstyle.

Should you kiss him?

Will he try to kiss you?

Will this lead to marriage?

Is he your ONE?

I bet you’re trying to get a grip on your emotions but your emotions are a clue that you’re alive so don’t fight them. This is a very exciting time for you. You are at the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You have decided to allow someone new into your personal space and there is so much room for possibilities.

While you hope things don’t end up like the LAST relationship did, you’re pretty sure you have a fair chance at success. Now it’s time to get rid of those jitters to make THIS first date, a date you’ll never forget.

Start by:

1. Choosing an outfit that fits your personality. Don’t worry about impressing your date with cleavage, be comfortable. This way, you’ll be more inclined to show your REAL self, the person your date needs to be exposed to.

2. Disregard his opinion. This date isn’t about impressing your date, this date is about having fun with another person who lives on this planet. Who cares if he doesn’t like your dress or your food choice? This isn’t an audition, this is an opportunity to make a friend. If he expresses disdain over your personality or choices, he’s not worth your time. If he doesn’t like you, oh well, someone else will.

3. Take your own money and take pictures. If he’s a gentleman he will pay but you might need a chance to run out of there if he does something weird like, invite you to a back alley. Cab fare is necessary and so are pictures of his license plate, his face and his ID. If he laughs at you, laugh right with him as you text this vital information to at least 3 friends.

4. Be open minded about this adventure. He doesn’t have to agree with you on everything. As long as you can respectfully disagree, you’ll be fine.

5. Decide that he may not be THE ONE. If you decide that there’s a chance that he’s not THE ONE up front, this will turn out to be a better evening overall. By understanding that there are a million different roles he could play in your life including teacher, friend, lover, your best friend’s husband, you will open up your heart to receive more than just the fulfillment of your lifelong wedding fantasy.

Have fun! Laugh like no one’s watching. Tease him like you would tease your brother. Spill something. Make a mistake. Stumble. Be imperfect.

Be you.

If he’s worth it, he’ll love every single moment.

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