7 Ways To Relieve Stress Without Lifting A Finger

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We experience stress when we feel that we are faced with situations that we can not control. Whether you are stressed about the actions of others or situations that seem like they are too much for you to handle, there are ways to relieve the pressure of ALL stress from your life.

Try these 7 Tips for mental stress relief. Consider them promises for your life.


1. Relax. Life doesn’t have to be obedient to your demands. In fact, it won’t, and that’s okay.

2. Let your children (and friends) live their lives the way they want to. You can’t control them or save them and you shouldn’t try to because it robs them of their chance to learn and grow.

3. When you don’t get what you want, understand that it’s truly the best thing that ever happened to you.

4. Your body is your greatest gift. It provides transportation for your spirit and allows you to experience the pleasures of life. You aren’t a teenager anymore and you don’t have to look like one to feel beautiful. Fall in love with your curves.

5. What you need to continue on your path is already on its way to you. It’s coming.

6. Your relationship status does not define you. You define yourself. You make the rules. You are loved. You ARE love. Recognize the love that is already around you and passionately return it.

7. However you want life to be, don’t wait, simply DO it. Live your life that way right now without waiting for permission or the proper equipment. Think outside of the box and go back to your childhood play. Yes, you have it now.

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