Te-Erika’s Diary: My First Webinar

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Ever since last October I had this idea to start doing webinars to teach wisdom and life lessons live to women. This excites me because I love attending webinars and I always imagine what I would say if I were a presenter and what I would do if it were MY webinar.

haha! I just laughed because that sounds kinda geeky doesn’t it? Oh well, I’m a geek- so be it.

Anyway, back in October I had the idea to do webinars so I began to research, attend other webinars to pick up pointers and plan my curriculum. The only problem was which platform to use as well as my own confidence about whether anyone would attend my webinars because I am virtually an unknown.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I saw a platform called BlogTV that allows Youtubers to broadcast live and chat with their viewers that I realized that I could use this platform to teach my webinars. So I chose a topic, announced it on my blog and through social media and spent 4 hours creating the presentation in powerpoint.

When the day of the webinar came I was so excited and nervous but it wasn’t like I was new at this just excited to be starting on another phase in my career; teaching.

After the webinar I sat back and laughed at myself. Everything went wrong. My internet connection went out. My audio was bad. No one came to listen. It was horrible. But you know what? Even though no one was there I taught the lesson anyway and finished it in 45 minutes.

Nothing goes perfectly the first time, you’re going to make mistakes and that is how you become a genius, by learning from each mistake as you try and try again. If you know you’re going to fail the first time, because we often do, you may as well get  that first failure out of the way.

Here’s the graphic I made that lists the key points of the webinar where I tried to teach the symptoms of a poverty mentality so that women would recognize how their mental habits affected their financial state.

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