The Remedy For Every Mistake

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Do you ever find yourself looking back over your life and wondering how things would have turned out if you made a different decision?

Well go through those points in life where we are dissatisfied with our current situation and wonder if maybe we’re doing things the wrong way. The truth is, there are no wrong decisions because life is not a test.

Life is more like a path you take toward your desired end. You need to get to the Museum on 4th street so you look up the directions and chart your course. There may be a direct route that you find will get you there the fastest way but there are many alternate routes that you can take as well.

Life is just like that.

There is no WRONG or RIGHT way to do things. It is important that you have in mind WHERE you want to go, or the FEELING you want to experience, whether it’s bliss, satisfaction, pleasure or joy. Once you decide on the FEELING you want to experience then focus on choosing paths or activities that will allow you to experience that end result as you take your journey.

Ladies, take the time to forgive yourself for beating yourself up about perceived wrong choices because there are now. You can NOT lose in life unless you give up. There are no mistakes unless you decide that you have made one and continue to live in the past which demonstrates that you LIKE to be miserable.

The remedy for every mistake you thought you made is to sit still and tell yourself, “I appreciate this.” Yes, there is something to appreciate in every situation you experience if you take the time to look for it.

If you lose a lover,  you can appreciate that you will now have the freedom to make choices without considering anyone else.

If you do not get the job you want, you now have the freedom to choose to create the exact job you want by building it yourself.

If you decide to forsake college for travel and later find yourself unsettled and in need of comfort, there is still hope for you.

As long as you made your decision based on your own needs and best logic at the time, it wasn’t a mistake, it was a lesson learned and something beautiful can and will come out of it.

I appreciate this situation. Say it aloud.

I appreciate this.

I appreciate this.

This may not feel wonderful right now but I know that nothing is permanent so this experience won’t last forever and nothing can stop me from CHOOSING to experience my end result which is a FEELING and not really a destination.

Choose your feeling right now and choose an activity or action that will help you get there. Keep choosing them over and over until your life reflects that FEELING every day.

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