From The Publisher: Tia & Tamera Mowry Essence Magazine Cover = WINNING

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Dear My Savvy Sisters,

Tia & Tamera Mowry, those adorable twins who rose to fame in the 90’s due to the popularity of their sitcom Sister, Sister are set to be the cover girls for Essence magazine’s April issue. This celebration is long overdue for the duo who have remained in a warm part of our hearts even after they moved out of the public eye.

I actually caught a few episodes of Tia & Tamera’s reality show on the Style channel and I could do nothing but shake my head. It seemed as though they were just hoping for a chance to shine again. Little did they know, they never stopped.

I think they should develop a new sitcom.  It would be cool to watch them as adults with boyfriends who become husbands, hang with friends with issues that they all try to solve together as they grow into successful women.  We need another show like that on the air. We need to see ourselves and our issues reflected in television and we need to see remedies to common problems presented in 30 minute capsules;  those kind of things give us hope.

We truly do love Tia & Tamera because they are as beautiful now as they were then and honestly, they remind us of our innocence and the way we were.

All My Love,


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