So You Wanna Be Rich? 7 Traits Of The Filthy Rich

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Who among us hasn’t daydreamed about flying around the country in a private jet, hob knobbing with the country’s elite while being waited on hand and foot by servants?

Even this daydream is attainable for those who start from nothing. Since I am a student of success, which means I study the lives of successful people, I will share what I believe it takes to get to the land of the wealthy.

7 Traits of the Filthy Rich

1. You have to be crazy. Yes, you read correctly. You can not attain heights that few have attained if you are normal and follow the crowd in thought and habits. People are labeled ‘crazy’ when they dare to dream dreams or take risks that the average person would be too afraid to. There is nothing wrong with being a little crazy. You have to be in order to achieve something great. It was crazy for Thomas Edison to believe that he could invent artificial light. It was crazy for the Wright Brothers to think they could invent a machine that allowed them to fly. You will be labeled ‘crazy’ too and that is a sure fire sign that you are on your way.

2. You must become an entrepreneur. No one ever became rich by working for someone else. It doesn’t matter how many raises you get or tax brackets you break, the TRULY rich and successful had to strike out on their own. You must figure out which product you have to offer and sell it, even if you are your own product. Your product can also be your ideas or any information that you feel might be valuable to others. You know your niche. You already know what areas you are an expert in. Even if it seems unbelievable, it isn’t. Someone needs you to teach them or give them what you have to offer and you can profit from this.

3. Invest in yourself. You must become knowledgeable about the service you will provide. Read books on others who have become successful in this area. Go to school if an education will make you more credible. Invest time, energy and money into making yourself into the person you want to be. It’s not simply about appearance, although that helps. It is more about the inner person being developed and the wisdom being gained from your experiences.

4. Downgrade your lifestyle. While many will not have to cut back on expenses, most will. It is a good idea to downgrade your lifestyle for now so that you can fully invest in your success. It will become a trying time for you because you will see people around you and it seems as though they are flourishing while you are planting seeds. They are flourishing into their dream and you are blossoming into yours so it does not matter what is going on in their life.

5. Safeguard your dream. The truly successful hold on to their dream as if it is the Holy Grail. You must safeguard your dream by never allowing any negative talk from yourself or others to taint it. You can do it. You can have it. Never allow anyone to cause you to disbelieve that.

6. You have to do the work. Sure, blessings come in all forms, but for the wildly successful they have to at least show up and move their hands. If your dream is something that brings you pleasure then working at it will not feel like work at all. Step by step you take action. While you are taking action you must believe that this action will yield the results that you want. Take action. Take action again. Believe that you can have the results you desire.

7. You must eliminate fear of failure. What is the worst that can happen? Well, if it happens will you die from the catastrophe? As long as you have another breath you can look at the situation and make a change and try again. Your opportunities to try again are limitless. You always get another chance to turn a failure into a success. Eliminate your fear of failure by facing it. You WILL fail. All successful people do. The only difference between them and the ordinary is, they didn’t allow it to cause them to stop trying. If you never give up you will get there.

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For My Savvy Sisters: What would you do first if you could have the riches you envision? How would it change your life?

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