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Jeannette Maw
Master Certified Coach

Jeannette Maw is founder of Good Vibe Coaching, hosts an online site at Good Vibe University, is the co-founder of Good Vibe Coach Academy, and writes monthly for Catalyst Magazine. She is the author of several law of attraction ebooks and is a contributor to Jack Canfield’s Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction.

What do you love about being a blogger?

I love that it’s uncensored! I have total freedom to write whatever I want whenever I want! I have been blogging since April 2007. The women who love my blog are interested in self empowerment and manifesting their dreams. They are open-minded with a spiritual bent, and incredibly supportive and generous of others in the community of readers.

How did your life change after you became a blogger?

I felt a more direct connection with my audience. I’d been using email newsletters to get my message out to people prior to blogging and that doesn’t allow for an open two way conversation like the blog does. So it felt intimately more connected and also gave me a great opportunity to showcase my products better than I had been.

How do you spend your free time?

I think of all my time as “free time” – because I’m always free to choose how I spend it! So in that sense, I spend my free time connecting with others online through the blog, social media and through my online membership site, etc. But, outside of that, my time is invested in volunteering for local animal rescue groups. In fact, my 8 month old foster puppy was just adopted into his permanent home on Sunday. It’s so quiet around here without him! But it makes room for the next foster animal, so it’s all good.

What qualities did you have to develop to become a leader in your field?

Confidence. For sure, confidence. You can’t share your message effectively without it. Sharing my message also required a willingness to get it wrong publicly. I also had to be open to criticism. But really, I think it boils down to a willingness to take a stand and go public with it. That requires courage and conviction. Passion for the work doesn’t hurt, either.

Have you ever had an amusing interaction with a reader?

I was coaching a client on a subject she was struggling with. I shared with her a story that a reader had posted anonymously on my blog. It was a very inspiring story of someone who was empowered with knowing her ability to manifest what she wanted, with details that would have stopped most people in their tracks. But this reader persevered past the obstacles and got what she wanted.

My client was silent for a minute until she confessed to me that that was HER and that she’d forgotten all about that story. Here she is providing her OWN inspiration anonymously through the blog via this coach session with me. I’ll never forget that because I think we often forget our past successes when we’re so focused on struggling with new challenges.

What is that you really hope to do with your gift?

Inspire deliberate creators! That’s my mission! For everyone to know their power to create reality how they want it.

Why is being savvy important to your success?

Being savvy helps me cut through the abstract, airy fairy woo woo approaches we often see in law of attraction material. It gives me a confident, practical, experienced perspective as I support those who are looking to become savvy as well.

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