Savvy Blogger We Love- Amaia Ormazabal

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Amaia Ormazabal
Age: 20
Location: Donostia, located in the Basque Country, Spain

Twenty-year-old Amaia Ormazabal is an avid tennis player and dedicated student currently earning a dual degree in Business Administration and Management and Computer Science Engineering. To some she seems to be just another happy go lucky college student but those who know her well are aware of her secret- Amaia’s passion is maintaining pleasure in her life.

Amaia is the force behind the blog called JustHedonism. In it, she shares stories of how she practices and appreciates the hedonist lifestyle, which consists of being completely devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

“It’s not the definition of hedonism what has fascinated me since I heard about it for the first time at school,” Amaia recalls. “But the idea of actually putting it into practice as a way of maximizing pleasure and being happy. After analyzing the definition of hedonism Amaia realized that people tend to try to change their external situations when they are trying to change our mood. “We are always thinking about how external situations should be to make us happy. But the key to achieve maximum pleasure is inside all of us, not outside. We should try to change ourselves, instead of the environment,” Amaia suggests. “I started analyzing the situations of my life which made me unhappy, and thinking about what could I change in my life to be happier. But soon I realized that the problem wasn’t actually in my external circumstances, but in my perspective, my way of perceiving and acting in certain moments,” Amaia shares. “And this is such a great conclusion! Because suddenly, happiness is actually more on my hand than ever! Now it doesn’t depend on the environment, which you often can’t change, it depends on me. It doesn’t mean this is an easy way, it’s not easy to learn, but in my particular case it’s been definitely worth it.

Amaia’s blog began as a fashion blog but she says its not just about fashion, it’s about her pursuit of pleasure every single day. “It’s also a lifestyle blog, where I show some of my passions. I’m a tennis player, and I show some of my travels and street and sport outfits in the blog,” says Amaia. “People who read my blog are usually women who like fashion and feel inspired with my pictures, but also people who feel identified with my way of thinking and living, cause I also share inspiring videos, songs or quotes that I like.”

The pure hearted fashionista believes that fashion is a very important part of the hedonist lifestyle. “How we dress can make us feel comfortable, feel ridiculous or feel sexy. It can even make us feel powerful!” Amaia explains. “It can define our personality and it’s the very first impression anyone has of us. I love fashion because you can show lots of things with your clothes, your personality, your mood. for me fashion and hedonism are related, and I use fashion to feel the way I want to feel, or show what I want to show at any time.”

Amaia has certainly amassed quite a following of women who enjoy her good spirited nature and love for life. To visit her blog to learn more about pursuing pleasure everyday, please visit Just Hedonism.

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