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Adrienne Nixon

Owner of and


Adrienne is the sweetheart behind Adrienne’s Little World which is nearly 6 years old. Her blog details her passion for her family, sewing and living her best life. It’s great to see that the idea of the personal blog hasn’t died as many bloggers have turned their blogs into businesses. Adrienne shares stories about her life journey that draw you in and make you want to be a part of her beautiful family. “My greatest accomplishments have been being a mother to three children (15, 11 and 9) a wife for 14 years and having my own business,” Adrienne said.

What does Adrienne love most about being a blogger? “I love connecting with like minded individuals and meeting new people,” she said. “It’s also super fun to go back and see how I’ve grown. I blog about a whole lot of everything, so it’s so easy to see my growth. It’s a form of therapy sometimes to just say what’s on your mind and leave it at that.”

It seems that all kinds of women and few men love following Adrienne’s life story. “I think one thing that people love about my blog is the fact that I’m open,” she said. “I don’t tell specific details but I certainly talk about the different issues I have or the things I’ve gone through. You NEVER know who it might help or encourage.”

The savvy seamstress encourages her readers, “Always pray and never be afraid to try. Let go of all negative influences in your life and keep God first. You are SURE to succeed!”

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