REVIEW: I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)

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I Hate My Teenage Daughter is a new Wednesday night comedy series on Fox that stars Jaime Pressley and Katie Finneran as bestfriends who are now single parents of two teenaged daughters who also happen to be bestfriends.

Apparently their daughters are the exact type of popular snobby girls who used to tease them in high school which forces them to be reduced to sniveling doormats everytime their daughters are around.

In one sentence- I hate this stupid show.

Why would any woman who respects herself want to watch two grown ass women be ridiculed by their daughters? How is that comedy?

These two disgustingly haughty little girls have no sense of compassion or anything similar to the warmth that would actually make me want to watch them each week. Their mothers are pathetic, always begging for approval and attention. These women are powerless, horrid examples of womanhood and their daughters should be slapped in the face. I don’t care that this show follows XFactor, I will never watch it again. Please die.

If you want to learn how NOT to BE, watch this show.

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