Powerball Winner? Money To Blow? Try These Lavish Treats

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Unprepared for what may happen if you win the lottery tomorrow?

All across the country hopeful gamblers have their fingers crossed as the Powerball lottery has announced the jackpot has reached more than $500 million. For most people, earning that type of money has never even been a distant wish so they wouldn’t know what to do with it or how to maintain. Studies show that those who are unprepared for a sudden windfall of money squander it within a few years.

But hey- nothing lasts forever anyway. If your imagination didn’t warn you to educate yourself to maintain and grow wealth you have my permission to blow it. You can always go back to working for others later and you’ll have one hell of a story to tell.

BornRich.Com boasts the most ridiculously expensive toys the world has for sell. If you’re making it rain after your lottery win without a care of investing in your future try these one-in-a-million treats.

 $1 Million Dollar Bra
Crafted with no fabric, this 18 carat gold bra has 500 carats of diamonds.
 $300,000 IPhone Case
This 18 carat rose gold case is adorned with both pink and white diamonds.
 $10 Million Dollar Private Fiji Island
600 acres, 5 beaches, 360-degree views across the South Pacific Ocean.
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