Taking Your First Step Toward Your Goal

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You are well aware of the life you believe you should have. You have been cradling your dreams in your mind for many years. The only reason your current circumstances do not reflect your dreams is the fact that you are paralyzed by the fear of failure.

Taking your first step toward your goal may feel like you are about to take a step off a cliff. Be at peace, once you take that first step, you will find that you can soar above the clouds.

If you are tormented by your dreams of success and you have yet to take action to make them come true here are 3 steps to get you going.

1) Decide that you want it. Once you decide that you want what you have been envisioning. If it is truly a desire instead of a fantasy, you will begin to think of ways that your dream can be accomplished. When you want a sandwich you go out and buy the ingredients. Achieving your dreams is a very similar process. When your mouth salivates in anticipation of your dream, when your body hungers for the realization of your purpose, you will automatically follow that desire with action.

2) Minimize the dream. Of course your objective may seem so huge that you can’t make it happen alone but if you minimize the dream and break it down into smaller steps, you will see that you can accomplish it with consistent action. Take out a piece of paper and write down your dream. Then write down 5 smaller things you can do to make it come true. You can include research, interviews or even visiting a place or person that reminds you of the dream. If you break your dream down into smaller bricks and tackle them one at a time, you will see that you can build a mansion if you are persistent.

3) Give yourself room to grow. At this moment you may not feel that you are perfectly qualified to sustain your dream and that is quite alright. Every genius that we celebrate had to undergo a period of failure before they had their breakthrough. Genius is developed through consistent trial and error. The true genius gains knowledge through doing things the wrong way. Once they have done things wrong enough times then they have figured out how to do it correctly. This is the only way you will grow. Allow yourself room for failure and fail your way to your success.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Get Started!

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