REBUILD: Telling My Family About My Project

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To begin this project I first had to decide in my mind that I could go through with it. When you’re about to make a big decision you always wonder how the people close to you will feel about it.

For me that means my sons, my Mother and my little sister. I have two sons; Sai (10) and Solomon (8). They have lived with their father for the past 4 years and he is an excellent father. While they were with him I was able to start graduate school and focus on building myself as a journalist. My sons have been by my side through the entire process and their belief in me is what causes me to make such bold moves.

I called my Mother first and I described the idea I had. “Mama, I’m going to be a homeless person to teach women to overcome their fears.” She immediately said, “Oh no you’re not! If you do this, I’m gonna beat your behind!”

I laughed and told her I’d call her back. Usually, when you have a bold idea that is risky most people will not agree. Most people will say that you’re crazy because they would not take such a grand risk. They see the opportunity for failure more clearly than they see the reward.

I have laughed in the face of failure, therefore, I know that even if it does come, I can always begin again with even more knowledge.

I then called my little sister, Teenie. She is 4 years younger than I am. She objected quite staunchly but after her objections she asked, “How can I help?”I love that about her!

Whenever things seem to fall apart in my life, she understands how all endings lead to better beginnings so she reminds me that I have always come out on top. When I decided to quit graduate school because I knew it was not the right direction for me, she said, “You’re dropping out of school, just like all the other millionaires did.”

That made me laugh and I realized, she’s right. So many success stories that I have studied happen when the person is bold enough to walk away from what’s not working and move toward what they really want to do.

I was nervous about telling my sons. They are both very intelligent but this decision to do this project will affect them the most. I won’t have a place for them to come visit me on the weekends while I am homeless.

My sons came over last weekend and as we sat on my bed talking I showed them my video and said I have something important to discuss. Their eyes grew wide as they watched and their immediate reaction was, “Don’t do it!”

I patiently explained to them that I have to do this for the sake of women everywhere and for the sake of continuing my dream of owning a successful business. “This website is my business,” I shared with them. “I have to do what I can to make sure it accomplishes its mission of uplifting women. If I am successful then I can do what I love to do and be able to take better care of us all.”

My sons were silent for a moment and then my son Solomon spoke up, “IF you are successful?” he said. “Don’t you mean WHEN you are successful?”

He’s right.

Once this project is done I will have become a successful inspirational speaker and writer. This website will become what I wanted it to become, a vital source of inspiration for women and many lives will be changed by our efforts. I know how to survive and pick my chin up after I’ve fallen down. I want to share these methods with others so they will know they can STAND UP after anything.

My sons and I walked to the store to buy a posterboard and when we came home they made this sign to show their support.

As long as they understand and they believe with me, I know that I can do this.

I can’t wait to share the tips I’ve learned over the years to develop the mentality of success that will guide you toward your boldest, brightest dreams!

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