Congratulations! You’ve Invented A Problem Today!

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Were things in your life coming along quite smoothly when all of a sudden out of nowhere a MILLION things went wrong? You gained weight, your boyfriend said something rude, your co workers forgot to invite you to lunch and your hair won’t behave.

This is a major crisis! I mean with so many things going wrong at once, it’s a definite that you have to panic and try to figure out why your life is falling apart. Before you go make an appointment with your therapist, who only wants to take your money and not really fix the problem, consider that you are the creator of your problems. You did this to yourself; you invented them.

Why would any sane person do that? Who would want to fly into their own life with a wrecking ball and sabotage all evidence of peace?


You’re doing it to yourself. Why? Because you’re bored. Because you need some excitement. Because you  have conditioned yourself to believe that you can’t have a peaceful life. You’ve come to believe that a peaceful life means a boring life so you have created problems so that you will have something to focus on.

It’s not entirely a bad thing. You could be a master problem solver just aching to exercise your mental muscles or you could secretly be a damsel in distress making a mess of your life on purpose hoping that someone will come along and rescue you.

Either way, you invented all of your problems today. Don’t believe me?

  • First of all, you say you’ve gained weight but uh, you didn’t gain that pound overnight. You are the same weight you were yesterday. Why did you notice your weight today? You didn’t have anything else to focus on. You lack positive goals to pursue.
  • Secondly, you’re irritated with your boyfriend because he made a smart remark when you asked him to do a favor for you. Sure, what he said wasn’t called for but really, he talks like that ALL the time and he still does what you ask him to do. You’ve been with him for years and TODAY of all days, you want to act surprised by his behavior. Really? You need some drama in your life and you’ve just invented it.
  • Did your co workers forget to extend an invitation to go to lunch with them today? That is quite rude of them. But really, it was rude of YOU to turn them down the last 3 times they asked. You barely even socialize and you don’t want to but all of a sudden you’re upset because they forgot you. Feeling like  a victim must be your goal for today.
  • You wore a headband today because your hair just won’t lay correctly. When you pass by a mirror you feel like the ugliest woman on earth. How did you invent this problem? You know your hair ain’t bout shit. You know you’ve been wrestling with your hair since elementary school and today is not the first day you’ve had this problem. Why are you acting  like this is brand new? You want something to be frustrated about so you’re literally pulling out your own hair.

If you want to be dramatic today, go right ahead. The people who know you best know that you can be a little bit crazy at times.  If you are seeking peace, and you REALLY do want it, decide that nothing that has happened today is really a problem.

Nothing is a permanent obstacle to your happiness. Nothing will keep you from experiencing the life you want to live. Everything that has happened today, including your bad hair day will push you toward your dreams. How?  Magic.

You’ll finally go to the hair dresser and have your hair professionally done. Then you’ll walk out feeling like a new woman. You’ll go into work and everyone will admire you and someone will treat you to lunch. You’ll smile more and give an excellent presentation and you’ll receive a bonus at work because of that.

Your boyfriend will be proud of you and he’ll spend a few minutes extra pleasuring you to show you how happy he is for you. He’ll brag about you to his friends at work and someone will overhear his conversation and offer to bring you aboard their team. You’ll switch jobs for more pay and there you’ll run into Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt will think you’re simply adorable and invite you over for drinks with Angelina. You and Angelina will hit it off and she’ll invite you to become her travel companion when she needs time off from the kids.

Your life has just been completely transformed- all because you had a bad hair day!

Embrace your problems. They aren’t really that bad. Look at them with eagerness, wondering what kind of amazing adventure they could lead to!

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