From The Publisher: Wailing Women Are Out of Style

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Dear My Savvy Sisters,

Once upon a time women were told they shouldn’t speak up so their suffering went unnoticed and unchanged. Then it became a source of empowerment to wage war against the bottled up angst and frustrations that women face by venting our frustrations through song, in plays, movies and books. Today, the trend is changing. It is no longer cool to be a wailing woman, satisfied in pointing out all of the injustices in the world and celebrating victimhood.

Your struggles don’t make you seem strong. Your battles don’t build you up. We already know you hold the weight of the world on your shoulders as the mothers of the earth yet, there has to be an end to this ‘Look at what they did to me’ mentality.

Yes, there will be people who hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally but at the end of that day, no matter what their tactics are, you know that you will survive. Why relive those painful moments by dedicating monologues and screen plays to them? Why revive those troubled times by sharing speeches and gossip sessions that replay those petty incidents? It’s not cool to be hurt, it doesn’t make you a better woman to be a survivor.

We have to let go of the wailing woman attitude that we think elevates our status as women. We are more than survivors. We are more than the remains from our checkered pasts. We are the solution that this world has been seeking. No one can hold us back. None of their tactics will work. Every setback is a springboard because we are savvy enough to flip each and every negative circumstance we face into a situation that will benefit us in the long run.

We are not victims. We do not need to wail and create entire albums and books of poetry to voice the pain we once felt before we learned how to successfully navigate life.

Wailing women are out of style. The new version of cool, strong and trendy is to be HEALED, AUTHENTIC and BOLD.

Join Us.



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