REBUILD: Releasing All Fear

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I’m losing all fear of going through with this project.

My fear was based on not knowing if it will work or if it will be embraced or if it will actually help anyone but now I’m thinking, THIS IS WHAT I WAS BORN TO DO!

No, not be homeless, but, to do the things that I am doing.

Since leaving graduate school and losing both of my jobs and losing my car and losing a couple of friends I have started my own business- My Savvy Sisters.Com.

Everyday I wake up and I do interviews and I market this site and I reach out to people and I do research and every night I fall asleep smiling.

Since I’ve started this project every day I am brainstorming and I’m reaching out to community leaders and I’m organizing and everyday my life is filled with purpose and promise.

I get to film videos and edit them and showcase them and people write to me everyday for help and I have the ability to help through my inspirational writing and knowledge of resources.

I think I am MORE than capable of handling this project. I think I was BORN to do this!

No more being sad, unless I feel like it.

No more worrying about people joining in.

From now on I believe that the RIGHT people will come into my life and will be magnetized to this project and ME.

The wrong people will wrinkle their noses and frown. I don’t want those kind of people in my life anyway.

Here is my latest video. Of course, there’s more to come. I am approaching this project with an inner strength and the expectation that this will be the force that propels me toward my dream of living my TODAY, every single day.

I want life to stay JUST LIKE THIS. Wait, except I want a stable home and lots of food and hugs, but the rest of my activities, I want to remain the same.

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