When It’s Okay To Be A Follower

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Let’s be clear here, being a follower has gotten a bad reputation. If there were no followers then there would be no need for any leaders. One can’t exist without the other so both roles are equally necessary. If you find yourself seeking someone to guide you, to follow or to assist and serve there is nothing wrong with you. If you wish that someone could be there for you, to help you make decisions for your life or to tell you if you’re on the right path, don’t beat yourself down, everyone wishes for that at some point.

The difference between leaders and followers is the fact that leaders tend to have the desire to create their life paths for themselves and it delights them to make choices by themselves without input from anyone. Leaders like making decisions for themselves and others.

They don’t always feel 100% certain, but usually they understand that they can navigate any outcome from a decision they will make and everything will turn out fine. Followers want someone to trust to offer the a perspective about life that they can live with. Followers like to assist others, to elevate others and to serve. They like to be presented with options that others have developed and then choose from those options the best one for them. They crave relaxing under the care of a great leader who will look out for their best interests. They want to see their leader be the best leader they can be so they take care of the details to ensure that their leader can focus on the big picture, namely, offering them guidance in their life decisions.

It is okay to be a follower when you have a good sense of who you are and what you are lacking. You will seek a leader who will help to cultivate those areas you want to grow in and you will become stronger, wiser and better as a result of being around them. You will become a better version of you because of their influence and you want that for your life.

Everyone is Not Fit To Be Followed

You have to be discerning about who you decide to follow. Your leader needs you just as much as you need them so your role is important and your time is important.  If your potential leader asks you to do any of these things, please step back and re evaluate your decision.

1) Asks you to perform a task that they would never do.

2) Refuses to communicate directly with you.

3) Treats you as though you do not matter.

4) Makes decisions based on her well-being instead of the well-being of those who follow her.

5) Demands obedience to her philosophies and ideas without allowing you to voice your opinion or say No.

6) Make you feel like you’re not good enough

7) Keep you away from your family and friends.

8) Introduce habits/rituals/beliefs that cause you to be unsafe or unhealthy.


You Know You’ve Found A Good Leader If

You feel empowered under her leadership.

She is willing to admit to her flaws and say I am sorry.

She sits beside you instead of above you.

She’s right there with you in the trenches of any problem.

She doesn’t blame you for mistakes, even if you made them. Instead she’ll try to correct them alongside you.

She wants the best for you, even if it means she may have to have less than the best.

Your happiness and success is her happiness and success.

She will be honest with you even when it does not benefit what she wants or believes in

She will listen to you.

She shares wisdom with you and doesn’t see you as competition.

She has personality traits that you wish you had.

She encourages you to think for yourself.

Until You Find Your Next Leader

It’s okay to lead yourself.  Trust yourself. You can handle your life and every spark it throws at you. Nothing can devastate you permanently because nothing is permanent. You’re a follower and there is a leader out there who needs your support and devotion. You’ll meet one day. Until then, be on the lookout for someone who has shown that they care as much about you as you would care about them.

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