8 Ways You Unknowingly Annoy Your Waitress

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The word restaurant is derived from the French word meaning to restore. In essence, our aim as waitresses is to make sure you leave our restaurant feeling better then when you arrived. We want you to come back to our restaurant, better yet, we NEED you to come back so we’ll run, hop, sing and play with your kids to make your experience memorable. I’ll do my part, the chefs do their part but we REALLY need you to do your part by NOT committing the following offenses that may seem harmless but after witnessing them time and time and time again- become seriously annoying.

1. Changing your seat.
When a hostess or waitress seats you, it is because we are operating on a cycle. Every server gets a turn at the patrons coming in and every server has a set number of tables that they are responsible for. When we sit you at a particular table, it is because it is that server’s turn and when you move for whatever reason, you disrupt the rotation.

2. Changing your order after it’s already in.
Unbeknownst to the patrons, the server has a record sheet filled with stats that show their performance. We are rated on sales, customer satisfaction (via the surveys we give you) and our accuracy. Our accuracy is measured by the number of voids and promos we rack up. This means that every time you change your order after we have put it in, we have to alert our manager who has to remove it from the check. We usually get a ‘talking to’ and have to explain what happened. Regardless of what we say, it looks like it is our fault and that we made a mistake. The more mistakes we make, the less confidence our managers have in us which results in- LESS SHIFTS.

Most servers would rather pay for the mistake out of our tips rather than go speak to a manager and we often do end up paying for the drink you tried and decided you didn’t like, or the appetizer you ordered but decided you didn’t want at the last minute. The two words we HATE to hear are CANCEL IT.

3. Complaining just so you can get free stuff.
Come on, we know you do it. For some people it’s a sport to see just how much free things they can get in life. You will order something and when it gets there you complain that its too cold or too hot or doesn’t look good so the manager will comp it. We also know when you want to change your order after it comes to the table and expect us to leave it there so you can have double. This is not fair to us. Whatever happened in your day to upset you, we didn’t do it. Please don’t do this to us.

4. Making us watch you decide what to order.
It’s one thing to have a question about an item on our menu, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, especially when we’re busy, please don’t make us stand there and watch you while you and your family read the whole menu. There are other tables that are signalling for us and other obligations we have to meet and when you ask us to wait while you and your family debate over what you want, it slows us down and really gets under our skin.

5. Asking for samples.
Everything takes time to put together. We know how long it will take for each item to be prepared and for desserts and specialty drinks, we most often have to make them ourselves. Every special topping and mix in has to be mixed and decorated to your desire. When you ask for a small sample of a milkshake, it takes us the same amount of time to make the sample as it does to make the actual drink and then if you decide not to order it, it hurts us because we just ignored another customer who is waiting to order so we can create a sample for you.

6. Asking for condiments one by one.

7. Asking about prices.
Sorry, we do not memorize prices of menu items. We will have to go ring your order in and erase the whole order after we see how much it will be.

8. Asking for our phone number.
We do not want to date you. Sometimes we flirt because that’s the nature of the job, to make the customer feel like gold but if you take it to the next level of asking for our number, it feels like pressure and we do not like that. We are asked for our numbers several times every single day. If you really want to impress us, leave a big tip and next time, do the same thing. Then when you leave your number, it is likely you will get a call.

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