How To Survive – Living With Your Parents (Again)

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Life is funny sometimes.

You never know what the next day might bring. Something happened in the cosmos and you find yourself having to move back in with your parents. You may be in the midst of a financial crisis or maybe you need space from your romantic partner. You could be going through a mental crisis or just in need of that loving touch from the people who raised you.

Regardless of the situation, you find yourself sitting across the dinner table from them. They look a little different. A few extra gray hairs but they are still pretty much the same. You can’t believe this is happening but you KNOW you have to survive this.

Here’s how:

1) Take care of their home. Although you are an adult you are still living with your parents so there is a certain amount of respect that needs to be shown. They are taking care of you again and they do not have to. Show appreciation by taking care of things without them having to tell you to.

2) Allow them the authority to make the rules. Your parents may have worked for decades on end to support you. They have battled with unruly bosses and vicious co workers. They have had to swallow their pride and bite their tongues on so many occasions. Their home may be the only place where they have full authority and it is not uncommon for them to go overboard in setting guidelines. Give them that authority in their house. Let go of trying to prove to them that you are your own person and you are an adult. They know that. Do what they ask you to and do it with a smile. This will keep them generally happy and then you are able to get the relief you need to position yourself to move out.

3) Pay a bill. Whenever you have money, give them a portion. Pay an entire bill if you can but if you can’t, be sure to do enough chores so that they will begin to see that having you back at home is a benefit instead of a burden.

4) Spend time with them. They haven’t had you around in a while so they may actually want to get to know you as an adult. Offer to do things with them that they like to do every once in a while. Show an interest in their lives. This will make them happier to see you. Use this circumstance as an opportunity to create more beautiful memories with them that you will cherish forever.

5) Get out of the house. Don’t spend your days sulking around, angry at the world. They are not used to having you there and they will welcome a chance to have some quiet time alone. Plan activities away from the house. Don’t use their place as a motel where you simply sleep though. When you do come home, bring a treat for them and keep them smiling everyday.

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